A Plan for Evangelizing

Using The Divine Plan for personal witnessing and for evangelism training.

A Seed was Planted ... at a High Altitude!

Learn how, even in an airplane, opportunities arise for witnessing God's love.

Be Prepared ... for a life-changing impact!

A pastor says his eyes were opened to new biblical insights.

Cards are the Deal

Handing out colorful and powerful messages, one-by-one.

Gracing Meal-Times

Three creative ways the Table Prayer message cards are used by people.

It's a Challenge! Wash n' Wear . . . and Serve

Wash n' Wear ... and Serve: The power of a simple T-shirt.

Jesus: Our Greatest Gift

Sharing with others in small but mighty ways ... The Divine Plan.

Learning Leads to Serving

Tips for creating a 'learning environment' that leads to a 'serving environment'.

Reverse it to Faith Offerings

Using 'collection plates' in a new and powerful way!

Small in Size; Large in Message

A little blue marble spinning with a big worldly image.
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