Confirmation Class / Youth Education


A Quick Snapshot

Kids and parents see biblical panorama in a quick and concise way.

Active Teens; Active Faith

How CI materials enable students to better express their faith.

Capture Their Attention

TBBS is intriguing and motivates kids to dig deeper into God's Word.

Cards are the Deal

Handing out colorful and powerful messages, one-by-one.

Faith: Family Style

Linking home and church ... an extremely successful family retreat.

From Ancient to Modern

A bold, faith-building new look at the Apostles' Creed.

From One to Thousands

Examples of how CI biblical resources touch many, many lives.

It is Time ... to Share the Time-Line

A sample assignment sheet given to confirmation students.

Just "in Time"

Six people share creative ways to use The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line.

Kids Communicate Faith

Pastors share ideas about what successfully works for confirmation.
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