The Classes and Curricula of Crossways International


A Powerful Encounter; A Tremendous Gift

Crossways offers vibrant encounter with the living Word of God.

A Process!

Not magic or a quick fix ... just serious Bible study.

Active Teens; Active Faith

How CI materials enable students to better express their faith.

Be Prepared ... for a life-changing impact!

A pastor says his eyes were opened to new biblical insights.

Capture Their Attention

TBBS is intriguing and motivates kids to dig deeper into God's Word.

Cards are the Deal

Handing out colorful and powerful messages, one-by-one.

Crossways and 'Talmud Tuesdays'

Probing the cultural context of Jesus' words.

Enthusiasm is Contagious!

And success is the result!

From 12 to 48

Crossways: an excellent study for both 'beginners' and 'old hands'.

From Infants to Retirees

The powerful drama of the ages! Effective and user friendly for all.
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