One of Crossways International's long-time mission partners, Dr. Stephen Reaney, lives in Armagh, Ireland. Stephen and his wife Katie are both medical doctors who volunteer their time and professional expertise in parts of the world where extreme poverty is prevalent. In addition to providing medical care, Stephen is also a passionate evangelist and teacher...and he takes CI’s materials with him wherever he goes.

Recently, Stephen sent us a mission report from a solo trip he took to Africa (Katie was not available to accompany him this time). Below are some of the words and pictures from his report:

I’ve attached a few images from a recent 20-day trip I had to a small remote mission hospital in the northeast corner of Madagascar. It was like being back in rural Tanzania again. Unfortunately, Katie couldn't travel with me, but it was a wonderful opportunity to serve others who were in extreme poverty and ill-health, and serving alongside lovely brothers and sisters in Jesus.

The day after arriving, I was asked (late on the Saturday night) if I would like to travel two hours by foot through rivers and flood water to a small village church, planted about seven years ago. Oh, and by the way, would I preach if they could find someone to translate into Malagasy?  We set off at 6:00 AM the next morning through beautiful scenery but the villages are in a state of extreme poverty. Of course I remembered to bring my big laminated copy of CI’s The Divine Plan...


We had a wonderful 45 minutes or so, going through The Divine Plan, followed by teaching from Matthew 25 on how Jesus illustrated the one commandment He left us with: To love others as He loved us.



The Divine Plan is such a valuable tool, especially the large laminated copy I have, which I was also able to put up on the hospital ward the following Sunday and share with a ward full of patients and relatives.

What a privilege to spend these few weeks with the staff, patients, and their relatives. God is so gracious, and His message to us in the BIble is so profound. And His Son, Jesus the Messiah, is so challenging as we listen to Him and follow after His example. 

Katie and I send our love, 


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