Vic Pabellon is a layman who gave up his successful career in sales to head up Crossways International’s ministry in the Philippines. He began teaching CI materials after becoming inspired with extraordinary passion for sharing and teaching the Word at a CI training workshop in Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia, in 1999. He has since trained thousands of pastors and lay-leaders throughout the Philippines.

Dear Dr. Harry,

I got your sermon on Zacchaeus. I would be glad to get some more of your sermon notes, which you could just email to me.

I have had limited travel since my shoulder accident. I believe I'm fully healed and could travel again. But that would not be advisable at this time because of police and military operations against bandits in the places where I used to travel. It's hard to distinguish between bandits and Muslim militants. These two groups conveniently blend with each other as they have a common agenda - to carve out a place of Philippine territory where Islam would be the exclusive religion and law. Zamboanga City is among the places the separatists would like to acquire.

I have found it more useful to do workshops with various church groups in Zamboanga City on weekdays. And I am regularly invited to preach on Sundays in three pastor-less churches. These churches prefer to invite different speakers on each Sunday, and I'm among those invited. Of course, I use the opportunity to use our Crossways materials to teach/preach.

Please remember us in your prayers. The conflict in southern Philippines could escalate into something more difficult for our government to manage. But we'll keep on doing what we can when doors open. As for the impossible situations, we leave them to the Lord to take care. He's in control.

Yours in Him,
Vic and Charito

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