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This message comes to us from a person who was once skeptical (to say the least) about Bible study. But after participating in a class led by long-time CI friend and ministry partner, Rev. Steve Ekblad, this skeptic got on board!

“The Divine Drama®Bible Study came into my life quite by accident. My friend and I had been looking for a bible class. We were not church-going folks, nor were we entirely trusting. But this opportunity presented itself via an ad in our local newspaper. We were not of the Lutheran faith, but then again there was not much else in our community regarding an actual class on this topic. We decided to sign up and check it out. After the first session, we knew we found what we were looking for. The series is presented classroom style. 

“Pastor Steve Ekblad has been teaching this curriculum for over twenty years, and he still manages to present with strong enthusiasm and faith. We began at the beginning--Genesis--and moved through the Old and then onto the New Testament. The story is compelling, and the “actors” in the story seem like the leaders we have today. So what did go wrong for Jesus and why? What was Jesus’ actual message anyway, and why would anything He did upset the norm? He was a nice guy, had good intentions, and led by example. This is where the drama unfolds and you find there was much undercurrent. Jesus dared to confront the leaders of the time and put Himself in harm’s way. So what is the word “grace” all about? Why do we need to take care of others, and why are there tragedies and heartache? Why would God allow all of this?

“I now have a few more answers than I did before, but I also have more questions. I guess I am growing. This program does not push, convert, ‘bible-thump,’ or force you to read passage after passage in the Bible. It is a curriculum, it is a class, and it is excellent. If you are tempted to try it, do so. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Do it. It is the best investment you will ever make. And take a buddy on this journey. What I learned is immeasurable—and only the beginning.”

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