Ghana, West Africa

Ghana, West Africa


Rev. Frank Famiyeh is the Director of Crossways Mission in Ghana, West Africa. The following is his First Quarter Report for 2012. As you'll see, he needs some financial assistance. Could you help?


Having moved my base temporarily to the Western Region of Ghana, I am now in a better position to spend more time at the Dr. Harry Wendt Bible Study Center at Asanteaye. Here, my Bible teaching continues unabated. In January, the Center recruited 22 trainees whom I worked with for five weeks and took them through The Biblical Time Line (TBTL), See Through Scriptures (STS), The Parables of Jesus, as well as an in-depth study of The Divine Plan (TDP). Considerable attention was given to the TDP--a very effective evangelism tool. In doing all this, my goal is to equip my students to teach effectively but also, more importantly, to evangelize the largely pagan population throughout the region and help them take their first steps in coming to faith in Christ. So, our training at the center has a two-fold objective: to evangelize the pagans and also teach the believers who are already in the Churches.

This fourth session filled the Asanteaye Study Center to capacity. It was also very difficult for me to run because, most of the time, I had to shuttle by public transport between Asanteaye and Bogoso, the nearest town where I could find lodging. A very exciting aspect of this session was the participation of two previously trained teachers in the teaching process. Their assistance was very helpful for me. It was thrilling to watch my past trainees exhibit their good teaching skills and their wonderful understanding of the Crossways International (CI) teaching materials. Churning out another 22 prospective Bible and CI’s course teachers into the predominantly pagan communities in the Asanteaye area is very fulfilling for me. The next batch of trainees will be enrolled in July/August but meanwhile, regular Bible studies will continue to be offered at the center by local teachers in Asanteaye who have been trained by me.


The training of the pastors of the Christian Divine Church, as well as six students from other churches, continued in February for a couple of weeks. The training curriculum is: We start our lessons with the TBTL, STS, The Divine Drama, and during the greater part of the one year training period we study the Crossways (CW) course–both the Old Testament (Sections 1 - 4) and New Testament (Sections 5 and 6). When teaching these materials, I also deal with issues relating to pastoral ministry. During February, we also did home visitations and distributed The Divine Plan witnessing tool. I could not do much in the wider area because my van is no longer reliable and safe.


The second and third weeks in March, I was in Takoradi, the capital city of the Western Region (nick-named “The Oil City”), with a population of over two million that keeps rising rapidly. My goal was to explore potential mission fields. As a first step, I reached out to 56 pastors of local churches in the region to introduce them to CI’s materials, and to arrange a seminar and preaching schedule in their churches. The responses were quite encouraging, but in some cases I was met with a kind of indifference. However, the project is still in its early days; there is still time to keep pounding on the doors of apathetic pastors and to fish for more pastors to come on board. For now, I am very excited about the prospects of a vibrant ministry in the Western Region, especially in Takoradi, beginning with a seminar for pastors in May. In the last week of March, I was back to Tarkwa (which is only one hour drive from Takoradi) to spend another week training pastors of the Christian Divine Church.

Some Additional Comments

I mentioned in my 2011 Fourth Quarter report that I was hoping to increase my ministry performance by 50% in 2012. I also made some requests for more financial help to enable me to cope with the challenges that would come with the stepping up of my ministry. Although I know that you would love to provide more support for my ministry, I am disturbed to hear about the financial challenges churches and ministries (like Crossways International) are having to face. The Crossways Mission in Ghana's future is directly linked with that of Crossways International in the U.S.A. What can I do but keep my fingers crossed and earnestly pray for divine intervention in CI's situation.

The sad truth is that I cannot use the Crossways Ghana mission van as often as I need to. I have even stopped taking the van to rural areas like Asanteaye because on two occasions the van broke down in the jungle zone, and the experience was, to say the least, hellish. The van is now old and weak; the cost of maintaining it keeps rising and its fuel consumption is not the best. What this implies for my ministry and finances is obvious. I cannot move my seminar equipment around with public transport. However, I am making the most of this sorry situation. Indeed, I am not going to sing a litany of the numerous challenges confronting my ministry, but it is good for you and others to know of the challenges I am having to deal with. Trust me, the difficult situation here will not compel me to quit because I would be a failure if I did, and especially because I would not have kept faith with my God. At 61, where can I turn to now? I will certainly stay in this ministry and die in it, regardless! I strongly believe that this is not the end of the road for both Crossways International and Crossways Mission–Ghana. The challenges are only temporary; with the help of God we shall survive!

Please give my warm regards to all our sponsors, and to the staff of Crossways International. You all continue to be in my prayers. God’s peace to you!

In His service,


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