A Quick Snapshot

        Kids and parents see the total panorama of Scripture in a                      quick and concise manner – a Snapshot of the Bible!
Rev. Rod Funk works in a variety of churches in Ohio and in Canada helping both adults and youth better understand the scriptural story.
He says, “The Snapshot of the Bible is a valuable tool that quickly gets A-ha’s from people, as they begin to grasp the big picture of the world’s history and of God’s biblical history.
“I use The Snapshot of the Bible in a variety of ways:
  1. in conjunction with another Bible course I am teaching,
  2. as a preview of the time-line of history we are about to encounter in a study,
  3. and/or as a review of where we’ve been and where we’re going in our study.
“One type of class that works very well is when both parents and kids are involved. The group meets right after Sunday worship service by first enjoying lunch (pizza or etc) and then delving into Bible study together. A brief outline about this very interactive class is as follows:
  • I begin with a definition of ‘history’. What are some examples of historical events that have happened in the world lately or as far back as you can remember? 
  • Discuss how the Bible has a history also.
  • Ask: Is anyone here 2000 years old? Do ‘imagine if’ activities.
  • What is ‘your own’ history? What are some ‘historical’ events during your own personal lifetime thus far (your birth date, family celebrations, personal achievements and successes, special times with family and friends, etc?) 
  • Discuss the definition of a time-line. Maybe have each person make a brief time-line about themselves.
  • Introduce the concept of the Bible’s time-line (history) and break it down into chunks: kings, patriarchs, prophets, etc.
  • Emphasize: God did all these things just to get ready for Jesus.
  • Have group contests, games, activities that relate to various topics.
  • Look at scriptural readings in the Bible. Which ones are history? Which are poetry? Which are parables? Etc.
  • Post the Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line large wall poster. Use it for discussion of what has already been discussed. Continue to refer to it.
  • Hand out copies of The Snapshot of the Bible to each person. Use it as the quick and concise panorama of the scriptural story. Use it with the Crossways courses. Use it for many periodic reviews (here’s where we’ve been; here’s where we’re going).
  • Remember that it takes a while for people to comprehend all of this! Repeat and repeat, referring to The Snapshot of the Bible continuously.
I appreciate having the Snapshot of the Bible very much. Thank you!”

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