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Six People Share How The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line Has Been a Valuable Resource for Them!

"I posted The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line large wall chart in a very visible area of our church. It helped people get a feel for the marvelous journey they were about to embark on in the 20-week Bible reading program. My never-ending goal was to get people more and more into God’s Word,” says Pastor Steve Dornbusch, formerly of Calvary Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, Minnesota.

"The time-line is a valuable illustration to help people ‘put the Bible together.’ I use it when leading our Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days class at our church,” says The Rev. Ronald Greiser of Episcopal, Virginia.

Liza Zajac Whitehead of Beacon Falls Congregational Church in Oxford, Connecticut, says, “We combined the time-line, The Bible’s Big Story: Our Story, and the Bible for Busy People DVD for three Thursday evening classes that attracted 24 people from our tiny church. People liked learning a lot about the Bible in a short amount of time.”

"The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line is what I used at a retreat for seniors, and it was fantastic,” says Carol Leber of Plano, Texas. We divided the study into four 45- to 60-minute sessions over three days. Everyone greatly appreciated the opportunity to see the Bible narrative of the Old and New Testaments tied together."

The Rev. Barbara Stroud-Borth, a retired ELCA pastor from Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, says, “I used the time-line (and The Bible’s Big Story: Our Story) to help a seventh grade student get ready for his affirmation of baptism. One of the requirements is that each student choose a favorite hymn, Bible verse, and Christian symbol. When the boy and I had finished studying the time-line, he surprised--and excited--me when he said that he would like to use the symbol of the kneeling Christ with basin and towel from the Crossways International® time-line. All of our time spent studying had truly meant something to him!"

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