Biblical Tell-tale Time-line App

Biblical Tell-tale Time-line App

Platform: iPad/iPhone/iPad Touch/AndroidTM

The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line is a road map for travel through the Scriptures' unfolding narrative, and serves as the basic foundation for all of Crossways International's Bible overview courses. Twenty-two frames with explanatory notes covering the stories of creation, the patriarchs, exodus, judges, kings, prophets, and more! The Biblical Tell-tale Time-line takes the user step-by-step through all the graphic elements and details in over 250 frames. It is ideal for self-study or as the center of a group study. 

This app also includes the powerful 8-frame witnessing tool, The Divine Plan. It sums up the key points of God's plan of salvation for humanity, with notes on each frame to explain its message.

Great for the Classroom

Connect your device to a projector and you have a teaching tool ideal for the classroom or other large group scenario. Utilize the app's built-in DRAWING mode to direct attention to elements within a slide. All time-line pages can be drawn upon using touch gestures directly on your device!


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