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The Divine Drama® Complete Student Package

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The Divine Drama® (TDD) delves into "The Biblical Narrative" (the Bible's complete story-line) in the first 16 units. The second 14 units, "Our Narrative," explore the basic teachings that emerge from the Scriptures—e.g., the person and mission of Jesus the Messiah, prayer, discipleship, life in God's family—and examine how they apply to Christians today. You may purchase either the "Biblical Narrative" or "Our Narrative" separately.

TDD Complete Student Package. Includes:

  • "The Biblical Narrative" — 16 units (176 pp), plus student workbook* (60 pp).
  • "Our Narrative" — 14 units (174 pp), plus student workbook* (52 pp).
  • Full-color Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line (see more info).

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars providing the 'big story'
by a member on Oct 24, 2012
  Crossways International's materials are not receiving nearly as much press as would be justified…After decades of developing topical approaches to Christian evangelizing, missionizing and education, certain perceptive frontrunners are now focusing on the approach that God used when He gave us the Scriptures - providing the 'big story' and the events, pronouncements, teachings and understandings that go to make it up. Rev. Harry Wendt has produced one of the very best lesson series of this type — The Divine Drama® offered by Crossways International. It will be used more and more widely by missions abroad and churches at home. (Quote taken from Communicating Cross-Culturally: An Introduction to Missionary Communication, Zondervan) The Rev. Dr. David Hesselgrave, The Evangelical Missiological Society, Rockford, IL
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5 Stars we can never get enough
by a member on Oct 24, 2012
  I've searched for ten years to find a resource I could use in our congregation. Dr. Wendt's Crossways is the answer! It has brought the Scriptures to the center of our members' lives. And now, the revised materials, the improved video and charts make it very 'user-friendly.' We are going through The Divine Drama® unit by unit, and three out of the seven in the group will be leaders for other groups. It has been terrific and we can never get enough. The Rev. Martha Kriebel, Trinity United Church of Christ, Collegeville, PA
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5 Stars re-invigorated
by a member on Oct 24, 2012
  “Reshaped, raised up, and re-invigorated! How do these three words reflect how I myself and The Divine Drama class participants say that this study has changed lives? The course has reshaped the knowledge of both Old and New Testaments, raised up a better understanding of Jesus Christ, and re-invigorated faith witnessing to others.” Rev. Steve Ekblad, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (ELCA), Janesville, WI
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5 Stars 6 new reviews
by a member on Oct 24, 2012
  &quot;A wonderful 'Aha' experience!&quot; With 136 dynamic teaching visuals and clear text, The Divine Drama&reg; leads students through the Bible's narrative, and then shows how basic themes of the Christian faith emerge from the biblical story. This 30-unit course provides both youth and adults a panoramic view of the Bible's big story, relating faith to daily life in an exciting way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;From my perspective, many congregations today have a tendency to fall into complacency and lack of vision. The Divine Drama&reg; is a useful and resourceful tool to lift congregations from those comfort zones, so we can once again focus on the mission of the church. Highly recommended.&quot; The Rev. John Gillam, Christ Anglican Church, Bonavista, NL, Canada ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>&quot;I use this course for confirmation 7th and 8th graders with parents required to be there. I would not do it any other way, and have noticed less fall-out for church attendance and participation after I&rsquo;m done with the program.&quot; Pastor Joel Sarrault, St John's Lutheran Church, Adrian, MI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>&quot;One of the students in my latest The Divine Drama&reg; class, who has led many small-group Bible studies, says she continually finds fresh insights in this material. In the same class, there are two couples at 'entry level' in their Bible knowledge. Everyone finds the classes refreshing and compelling.&quot; The Rev. John Watson, Pastor Emeritus of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Columbus, OH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>&quot;This is the best of any other publisher&rsquo;s curriculums that I have researched. The breadth and width of the Bible is finally understood by people. The biblical narrative becomes clearer, the entire Bible makes sense, God&rsquo;s plan for the world and salvation becomes real, and the whole picture comes together.&quot; Pastor Larry Baird, Cornerstone UMC District Office, Jamestown, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>&quot;We have been able to do The Divine Drama&reg; as a community ecumenical study without any divisiveness.&quot; The Rev. Brian Wasmoen, Kindred Lutheran Church (ELCA), Kindred, ND------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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