Crossways® Leader's Package

Crossways® Leader's Package

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Clergy and laypeople alike agree that studying Crossways® can change people’s hearts and lives profoundly. With 40 units on the Old Testament and the intertestamental period, plus 20 units on the New Testament, Crossways®serves as the ultimate travel-guide for an unforgettable, in-depth journey through the Bible. Imagine a congregation that understands the unique message of each book of the Bible in relation to all the others!

Using over 160 full-color teaching graphics, Crossways® helps people see the connections between Old and New Testaments like never before. The course is usually taught over a period of two academic years (30 units per year); purchase all 60 units together or in separate sections of 10 units each.

Offer Crossways® in your church and see how increased biblical literacy leads directly to mature faith and renewed passion to live as servant-disciples of Jesus the Messiah!

The leader's package includes the Student Materials (Item #1001) along with the Leader’s Manual that contains background information for all 60 units, answers to every study question, and information to help the leader promote, administer, and perpetuate Crossways® in the congregation. Loose-leaf format, three-hole punched; 3-ring binder included.

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