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Video Clips

Getting Adults Into the WordExperienced Leaders Share Their Secrets
A panel discussion with Dr. Harry Wendt and three enthusiastic, long-time users of Crossways International materials. This 37-minute discussion is full of creative ideas and practical tips on everything from how to spark contagious enthusiasm for adult Bible study to the best ways to promote, prepare for, and present a CI study course.


• Introductions
• Origins & Development of the Curricula
• From Layperson to Bible Teacher
• Importance of Adult Bible Study
• Launching & Leading a Class
• Personal Transformation

Sample Clips from Crossways International’s DVD Courses:

• The Divine Drama
• The Bible for Busy People
• An Apostles’ Creed for the New Millennium
• Christmas: The Real Story
• In Heaven’s Name, Why on Earth?
• The Parables of Jesus
• Praying Like Jesus the Messiah
• Road to Coronation


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