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March 2019 Newsletter
On Building Up Crossways International

Revised Common Lectionary Notes
by Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt

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Short Stories by Jesus

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Crossways International®

Crossways International® is a non-profit ministry whose goal is to foster deeper, more meaningful Christian discipleship by cultivating biblical literacy.

Our teaching materials take people on a journey through the grand sweep of the storyline that runs through the whole of the Bible, and feature hundreds of colorful teaching graphics that make that journey memorable and easy to share with others.

The result is a fresh, life-changing encounter with Jesus the Servant-King, who invites us into the loving, serving community of His Eternal Kingdom. We train clergy, teachers, and evangelists to use these materials all over the world.

Convictions that Fuel our Ministry

If a spiritual fire is to be lit in people's hearts, they must be inspired and empowered to study the Scriptures in depth.

  • To spark and fuel that fire, people must be taught the Bible's big story, the key themes that weave their way through it, and what Jesus did with that story and those themes.
  • Teachers must have access to materials that lift learners from the simple to the sublime.
  • People must be inspired and equipped to get beyond believing in Jesus to following Him.

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