The Divine Drama® Training Webinar: Recording

The Divine Drama® Training Webinar: Recording

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Tuition Fee: $50

The Divine Drama® is an intermediate-level course commonly taught within one academic year (30 weeks). It is ideal for teenagers preparing for confirmation, for an adult “refresher” course, or a new members class. Its 16 units on the complete biblical storyline (The Biblical Narrative) and 14 units on the themes arising from scripture (Our Narrative) provide a solid foundation for lifelong faith-formation.
           The Old Testament comes alive!  This study is an orderly, systematic
           approach to recognizing the themes of the Bible, and a way for people
           to gain an understanding of how the Old Testament connects with the
           New Testament. Thank you for TDD which helps us ‘open our Bibles’
           for greater knowledge about the true meaning of Scripture.
                                                                       Trinity Lutheran Church
                                                                        Fort Pierce, Florida

This is a 12-hour training webinar for church workers, students of the Bible, homeschool parents, laypeople, and seekers using Crossways International's The Divine Drama. Gain practical, proven tools designed for teaching this biblical narrative course within your congregation. To get the most out of this webinar, we suggest you have a copy of the course materials to be discussed during the webinar.

If you have general questions or prefer to register by phone, please call (952) 832-5454 or (800) 257-7308.


Material Option Descriptions

  • $44 The Divine Drama® Leader's package (Student and Leader's manuals)



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