In 1979, the Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt established Crossways International® (CI), an organization which has become a leading transdenominational, non-profit ministry promoting Bible study worldwide. CI's materials incorporate visually-based study methods developed and field tested by Dr. Wendt during 24 years while serving as a pastor in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

CI's materials are highly regarded around the world. Our courses are widely acclaimed because they are theologically sound, clearly written and incorporate illustrations that make the biblical narrative come alive! More than 35,000 clergy, teachers and lay leaders from all major denominations in over 60 countries, with translations into over 35 languages, have been trained by CI to use our materials to teach others in their congregations and communities. Each year over 100,000 people (50,000 in the U.S.) undertake a study using one of our courses.

What Sets Us Apart

Crossways International's workshops, Bible study materials, and methods are unique because of their:

  • Christ-centered focus
  • Descriptive teaching graphics
  • "Big-picture" approach
  • Historical and cultural insights

Furthermore, our nationally recognized workshop presenters have had many years of "real world" experience for a greater understanding of your church needs. Our highly trained workshop leaders are seminary-trained and have been full-time pastors in congregations before coming on staff at Crossways International®

Dynamic Visuals

Over 250 vivid color illustrations--devised by Dr. Wendt and produced by professional illustrator Knarelle Beard of Australia--are used to communicate the Bible's narrative and themes. These teaching diagrams, symbols, and pictures transcend language, culture, and age barriers. Research tells us that the human brain receives 87% of its information through the eyes, but only 9% through the ears. The "visual language" developed by Crossways International® enables:

  • Captivating Bible studies
  • Accelerated learning
  • Effective evangelism

Big Picture Survey Method

Our Christ-centered, biblical overview (or "survey") method bridges the Old and New Testaments in a unifying manner while digging deep into the narrative — from Genesis to Revelation.

Biblical Context

CI draws upon well-researched biblical, historical, and cultural insights to convey the biblical message with fresh meaning and personal relevance for people today.




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