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Crossways International (CI) offers two different types of workshops. While the function of each workshop is different, God’s Word is at the heart of each one.

"I came home with renewed inspiration and biblical knowledge for use in my ministry and in my own life.” -Rev. Barbara Wintle, St. George’s Anglican Church, Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec 

Training Workshop: A profound and meaningful train-the-trainer experience! These workshops equip clergy and lay-leaders to use CI's courses and graphics for teaching within their own communities. Although leaders are not required to attend a workshop prior to teaching, it is highly recommended. Many leaders repeat the workshop numnerous times throughout their ministry as a way to stay refreshed and inspired by The Word.

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Weekend Community Workshop: An opportunity for you to invite a CI presenter to teach at your location during a weekend. Consider a ½ or full-day event, and choose your preferred topic from our list of short courses. You may also request a specific theme you would like to explore. The workshops are intended for older youth and adults. They’re a great way to help people focus on themes that arise during the Church Year (Advent, Lent), or to “whet the appetite” of your congregation prior to starting a more in-depth Bible study program.
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