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Do yourself the favor of a lifetime! Whether you are planning to teach one of our courses, or would like an intense study of the Bible to enhance your own understanding, you will find inspiration at one of CI’s workshops.

"As the most in-depth Bible study of my life, it was three years of seminary in three days and the best for help in understanding stories of the Old Testament in relation to the New Testament." -Rev. Willis Heckler, Zion’s Union Church (UCC), Topton,  PA

The Training Workshop will help you to feel confident and well-prepared for the task of teaching or facilitating discussion of our longer courses. It provides an intense overview of the grand sweep of the biblical narrative.
  • 3 Day The Divine Drama®  Training: A condensed version of the 4.5 day training workshop. focusing on the biblical narrative and its themes using The Divine Drama and the Bible as text.
  • 4.5 Day Crossways® Training: 4.5 day event which includes the 2.5 day workshop, plus an additional day and a half digging into the more comprehensive Crossways course.
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What to Expect:
  • We survey the full sweep of the Bible to analyze in greater detail the events and themes that surface within its unfolding narrative – and grapple with how Jesus finally reinterpreted it all.
  • We equip attendees to use CI’s teaching resources comprising hundreds of teaching graphics which have been proven to boost biblical literacy.
  • We examine historical, cultural, and literary nuances within scripture to see more profoundly what Jesus was really up against in His day – and ours.
Who Should Attend:
People who wish to see lives transformed by a greater grasp of the Bible’s message: Pastors, seminarians, DCEs, lay-leaders, etc.
Individual Normal   *Early Bird
3 day Training Workshop $225 $200
4.5 Day Training Workshop  $350 $300
Groups (3 or more – priced per person)    
3 day Training Workshop - Complete $200 $175
4.5 Day Training Workshop-Expanded $250 $200
*Early Bird discount applies to registrations w/payment received at least 6 weeks prior to workshop date.
Materials Required:
  • $44     The Divine Drama® package – needed for the 3 day Trainings
  • $120     Basic packageThe Divine Drama package + the Crossways® course w/Leader Manual – need for the 4.5 day Trainings
  • $220   Complete package – all 10 Crossways International written curricula w/leader manuals – (Best Value! Discounted over 30%)
(Transparencies, PowerPoint, and DVDs not included)

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