Weekend Community Workshops

Weekend Community Workshops promote biblical literacy and faith formation. You choose the topic(s) and then contact CI to schedule the event. A Crossways International presenter will teach your group at your own church or facility. The workshop will take participants on a journey through the broad sweep of the biblical narrative, or, if you choose, focus on a more specific theme. These workshops are a great way to educate, inspire, and motivate your community to embrace a higher level of discipleship!
What to Expect:
  • The comfort and convenience of your own location.
  • Your choice of topic, or one or more of Crossways International’s short courses.
  • A “jump-start” for additional studies you may offer.
  • A CI presenter mining the meaning of the biblical message, including its relevance for life today.
  • Increased biblical literacy within your congregation/community.
Workshop Topic Options:
See Through the Scriptures - An overview of Genesis to Revelation
The Bible’s Big Story: Our Story - Overview of Genesis to Revelation (Highlights)
In Heaven’s Name, Why on Earth? – Stewardship and Life-Management
The Parables of Jesus – The radical message of 11 of Jesus' parables
Praying Like Jesus the Messiah – How to pray the "Jesus way"; the Lord’s Prayer explained
An Apostles’ Creed for the New Millennium – A fresh look at the Apostles’ Creed
Christmas: The Real Story – Christmas through “Middle Eastern eyes”
Road to Coronation – The passion narrative in each of the four Gospels
Call (800) 257-7308 to discuss workshop topic options with us.
Presentation Fees:
Choose from ½ day or 1-day formats. Weekend Community Workshops are
flat-fee events. 
½ Day Teaching: $400 + presenter’s travel, housing, and meal expenses
1 Day Teaching: $750 + presenter’s travel, housing, and meal expenses
Sunday Preaching: $250 + presenter’s travel, housing, and meal expenses
Materials will vary based on the topic chosen.

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