What We Believe


Crossways International® courses are based on the conviction that, if we are to understand the Bible, three things are important.

  1. We need to know the biblical story line (narrative analysis).
  2. We need to know the theological themes that weave their way through the story line (narrative theology).
  3. We need to discern what Jesus does with the biblical story line and its themes (systematize Jesus' teachings).

Jesus used this approach to explain "things concerning Himself" on the way to Emmaus. He based the explanation on "Moses and all the prophets" — i.e., the Pentateuch, Judges through 2 Kings, and Isaiah through Malachi (Luke 24:27.)

Clergy and lay leaders from more than 30 mainline and evangelical Christian denominations teach our materials. They include (alphabetically): Anglican/Episcopal, Assembly of God, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran (ELCA and LC-MS), Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed and United Church of Christ/Congregational.

  • Our courses are based on the following convictions:
  • We believe in the deity of Jesus the Messiah, crucified and risen, who lived the life of a servant without limit, and redeemed humanity from sin and death.
  • We are saved by grace alone through faith in Jesus' atoning work for us.
  • We are called to walk as Jesus' disciples, serving God and one another in everything we do.
  • The mission of the Church is, in the words of the Anglican catechism, "to restore all people to unity with God and each other, in Christ."
  • We believe in the inspiration of Holy Scripture, which points to Jesus the Messiah as the Word Made Flesh (John 1:14), and the Final Word of God, Hebrews 1:1-14.
  • We believe that the hopes and dreams of ancient Israel found their fulfillment in the Person and ministry of Jesus the Messiah.
  • We believe in a Final Appearing of Jesus, in a final judgment of humanity, and life after death.


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