Best Practices for Crossways International® Bible Study Webinar

Best Practices for Crossways International® Bible Study Webinar

Product #: Best Practices 2018
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Tuition Fee: $15

Seasoned Crossways International leaders and teachers, Pastors Cheryl Mathison and Eugene Orr, will share best practices for introducing Crossways International courses to your group. They’ll provide ideas for teaching and facilitating conversation, fitting the curriculum to your context, and using it creatively both inside and outside the classroom. 

Part of what makes Crossways International's materials so unique is that they make use of symbols and illustrations to aid in learning.  We will walk through some of the central symbols and key illustrations with an emphasis on those that are shared between all Crossways International materials, and conclude with time for Q&A.  

This webinar is perfect for those new to our material, but leaders who have taught our courses before are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

If you have general questions or prefer to register by phone, please call (952) 832-5454 or (800) 257-7308.

"I love these biblical resources because they are Bible studies for people with questions and you have thinking minds.

One of the most inspiring results for people after studying one or more of the CI courses? Their lives come very much alive...serving God by serving others! They respond to the needs of others more than ever!"

Pastor Thomas McCurdy


  • Tuesday, June 19th, 2018: 9 am - Noon



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