Road to Coronation Webinar: Jan 11, 2018

Road to Coronation Webinar: Jan 11, 2018

Product #: RTC Webinar 2018

Tuition Fee: $10

Road to Coronation: An ideal Lenten study, this course retraces Jesus' steps through the Passion narrative in each of the four Gospels. As the course culminates with the Gospel of John, we come to see that Jesus' crucifixion was in fact His coronation as King of creation and history--His cross was His throne!

The focus is a vivid biblical view of what Christ was up against in His passion. This study is an accurate interpretation of that event and about the history of those times, with vivid and colorful visuals that enhance the teachings.

 Pastor James R. Wiebel

This is an in-depth training webinar for church workers, students of the Bible, homeschool parents, laypeople, and seekers using Crossways International's Road to Coronation. Gain practical, proven tools designed for teaching this six-week short course within your congregation or amoung family or friends. To get the most out of this webinar, we suggest that you have a copy of the course materials to be discussed during the webinar. 

If you have general questions or prefer to register by phone, please call (952) 832-5454 or (800) 257-7308.


  • January 11, 2018: 10am-Noon
  • Can't make it? No problem. Register and the recording will be emailed to you after the event. 

Material Option Descriptions:

  • $14.50 - Road to Coronation Leader's package (Student manual and Leader's manual)



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