June 2017

by The Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt / Co-Founder
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In a recent article, I encouraged you to read some of the many books that William Barclay has written. Barclay was a Scottish biblical scholar who taught New Testament studies for many years at the University of Glasgow. He also had a deep concern to help ordinary people understand, believe in, and follow the real Jesus.

Barclay's writings are designed to help both clergy and lay people understand the Bible's "big story" and the concept of The Kingdom of God that Jesus taught and lived.

During the last couple of weeks I re-read one of Barclay's longest books, Jesus As They Saw Him, in which he offers 42 articles that bring together the titles and interpretations of Jesus which surface in the New Testament. Those 42 articles are insightful and helpful. The longest of them, "Messiah," contains 67 pages of insights. Some of the other articles relating to Jesus are "Son of David," "The Servant of God," "The Good Shepherd," "The Bread of Life," and "The Lamb."

Those who take the time to read this book and its articles will unearth many themes and insights that can prove most helpful and useful in relation to producing meaningful preaching and teaching materials. Although many of Barclays's books are not available in bookstores, they are available online.
Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt / Co-Founder

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