July 2017

by Marge Franzen
2017 Crossways International®


Keller has a wonderful writing tone. I feel like we're sitting in a small group with Mark open in our laps and he's simply pointing out things as we read. He writes in a way that's accessible for the person who is first cracking open a Bible with a dollop of skepticism, yet with the attention to detail that will hold the interest of the seasoned Bible hound. He points out details of the whole biblical narrative--isn't it nice that your students have that timeline available while they read?--while unfolding the mission and ministry of our Servant Savior, the King bearing a cross. He invites the reader into a relationship with this King who will transform them according to the model of a servant. Keller opens the window for healing all wounds through Jesus and the transformation into agents of grace and justice to a world in need. As you can see, this book is the perfect fit for Crossways® classes. I introduce it as a bridge between the Old Testament and the New and then recommend it again after we've blazed through the Gospels. It also offers further processing for students who have used The Road to Coronation or between the two semesters of The Divine Drama®.

I've been teaching Crossways® since the first edition and for the last two rounds I've used a 10-week semester schedule offering the course in 6 blocks over 3 years. I've found this class schedule has helped the dropout rate despite the longer rotation time. People use the breaks between sections to catch up on the reading they missed due to personal conflicts through the semester and are willing to come back with a fresh start rather than getting discouraged. That means we always have a long summer break between the end of Section 4: The Post-exilic Period and Judaism, and the beginning of Section 5: The Gospels and Acts, between Unit 40 Messianic Hopes and finally diving into meeting Jesus. It's the perfect time for some recommended summer reading. One standard on my "Read This" list is King's Cross, especially for this break before hitting the Gospels.
Marge Franzen / a Lay Minister at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lisle Illinois
Marge Franzen has been teaching Crossways® and other Crossways International courses for half a life time. She especially enjoys seeing people open their lives to God through exposure to His Word. 
King's Cross:  The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus is sold in the United States as Jesus the King:  Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God, and is available through Crossways International.

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