September 2017

by Marge Franzen


The Challenge of Jesus: Rediscovering Who Jesus Was and Is / N.T. Wright

It's hard to believe I first read this book 18 years ago because it is still so relevant for readers today. Many of the people in my Crossways® class are very familiar with being challenged for their belief in Jesus. Many feel the challenge in their relationships and in the culture of science and forced inclusion. N.T. Wright sets out his own challenge to the reader, to listen closely to Jesus himself and rediscover the challenge he issues to all who acknowledge him as Lord and pledge their life to him. We may think we know Jesus, yet we may have completely turned a deaf ear to the call given by the One who defeated death and is planting a Kingdom with us as his agents.

Wright's use of the full Biblical timeline will reinforce the lessons of Crossways. Not an easy read, but a very helpful side resource for people taking their first or second group through section 5 of Crossways or the Divine Drama®. Those in your classes who are hungry for more will find this book to be a good way to solidify the impressions formed through their class reading.
Marge Franzen, Lay Minister at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle, Illinois

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