June 2018

by Cindy Beaver / Board of Directors Member


Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding


In February, I had the honor of hosting author and blogger, Lois Tverberg, in my home. She was a guest speaker at my church for the annual "Immersed in the Word" event. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of her books previously, I was excited to meet her in person and see what she had to say about her new book Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus .

Tverberg writes from a lay-person’s perspective, for lay-people, but she leverages information she’s obtained from biblical scholars working in the field, primarily in the Holy Land.  Like Dr. Kenneth Bailey’s books, she writes about recent findings involving first-century culture, customs and language. And, based on the number of people attending the Immersed in the Word event, she’s definitely struck a chord with her audience.
In Tverberg’s own words from chapter one: “ Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus is all about helping you mentally transport yourself back in place and time to read the Bible afresh, as one of Jesus’ first-century disciples... I want to look at some ways we can mentally bridge the culture gap between his Middle Eastern, Jewish world and ours in order to read the Bible as natives. How can ordinary Christians be equipped to read the Bible from the Hebraic perspective of its first readers? What big picture ideas do we need to understand? These are questions I’ve been asking myself since I started studying the Bible’s cultural context.”
Tverberg has written two other books about Rabbi Jesus. In Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, Jesus’ first-century world of rabbis, disciples, festivals, prayers and the Torah is explored, showing how His Jewish setting sheds light on the life and ministry of Christ. In Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus , she dives deeper into some of Jesus’ most important sayings in their Jewish context and considers the implications for us as 21st-century disciples. 

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