Anglican User Reviews


"People are amazed at how much they learn about the Bible in 2-3 hours! The Bible's Big Story, Our Story provides this opportunity.
Rev. Paul Jagoe

"I thoroughly recommend The Divine Drama® and Crossways to other colleges and ministerial training programmes that are looking for a positive, informed and coherent course on biblical introduction. I know of no other materials which do such a good job. The text is clear, the questions help the students to get into the set passages, and the graphics offer a cross-cultural visual presentation of key ideas."
The Rev. Tim Dakin

"I have used See Through the Scriptures and Crossways. I appreciate the approach of reading the text of the Bible rather than just reading about the Bible. The study questions are thorough and thought-provoking. I like the links between the Old and New Testaments. The Crossways level course is wonderfully in-depth and helps produce a more biblically literate person."
The Rev. Canon John Alfred Steele

"I have found the Crossways International materials easy to prepare and present; students find them helpful for years to come. The CI visuals are very beneficial for remembering concepts and teachings. I am challenged to go deeper into Scripture and to explore places in the Bible to which I do not normally go."
Captain Reed Fleming

“See Through the Scriptures is great both visually and cognitively for stimulating wonderful discussions among the Senior High students and university students who gather together for this study. They are reading, asking questions, discussing, and coming back for more and more.”
The Rev. Eric Phinney



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