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"I strongly recommend and endorse Crossways International! Their study materials provide a clear, meaningful and highly helpful road map through the Scriptures. The Biblical story comes alive and really does make sense! We have all grown in our understanding of the Word through your work. Thank you!"
The Rev. Jeff Cowmeadow

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Training Workshop – it absolutely saturated my brain! I’ve never attended anything like it! I am now anxious to begin digging deeper into Scripture. The churches need these materials! This workshop has opened my eyes!"
Mrs. Lois Breairty

"Crossways International's materials are not receiving nearly as much press as would be justified…After decades of developing topical approaches to Christian evangelizing, missionizing and education, certain perceptive frontrunners are now focusing on the approach that God used when He gave us the Scriptures - providing the 'big story' and the events, pronouncements, teachings and understandings that go to make it up. Rev. Harry Wendt has produced one of the very best lesson series of this type — The Divine Drama® offered by Crossways International. It will be used more and more widely by missions abroad and churches at home."

(Quote taken from Communicating Cross-Culturally: An Introduction to Missionary Communication, Zondervan, 1991)
The Rev. Dr. David Hesselgrave

"Crossways International has had a tremendous impact in not only my daily Bible study, but in my outreach in the community. Due to my position in the community, I have many people who stop and inquire about the Bible. Here is where the Crossways International material has been most helpful. The Biblical Time Line has become a standard instrument to present the Gospel message. With its detailed graphics and easy-to-identify-and-remember icons, I lead people through the entire time line and offer them a panoramic view of God's divine plan that was fulfilled in Jesus, the Christ. I have given away many copies of The Bible's Big Story as a follow-up to their questions and/or comments. Dr. Wendt's insight and straightforward presentation of the unfolding drama of God's Word through Crossways International has been the most rewarding time I have spent in Bible study, whereby the Bible's message is brought into clear focus."
Mr. Raymond Rossell, Bible Teacher


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