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"I am presently using See Through the Scriptures® with university students. It is mind and heart expanding. I teach Crossways in campus and parish settings. It's the best of the best. I am continually shaped by God as I work through the biblical narrative and Crossways International's materials. There are always new insights. I have often used the eight-frame graphic, The Divine Plan, to explain God's plan to international students who have no Bible base. The basic concepts [of the CI visuals] are so easy to grasp and provide such rich ongoing emphasis."
Rev. C. R. Selle

"I use the Old Testament portion of Crossways in the freshman level History and Literature of the Old Testament semester course at Concordia College. As a biblical survey class, it helps students gain an exposure to the narrative that is the thread connecting all of the books of the OT into a unified whole. I view the excellent CW graphics as the anchors - the strong visual concepts that help students understand and remember the points emphasized in the reading material."
Pastor D Palomaki

"I find that the See Through the Scriptures® course fits the bill perfectly for getting young adults into the Word. I have successfully used the video presentation which not only stimulates lots of discussion, but also combats biblical illiteracy like nothing else I have used. See Through the Scriptures® is a great first step for students who have no background at all in the basics of the Christian faith. I have been a fan of Crossways International's materials long before I became a campus pastor. They have made me a better student of the bible and a better, more effective teacher."
Pastor L. Meyer

"I began studying The Divine Drama®...with the campus ministry at the University of Tennessee. I can't tell you what a wonderful experience the class was for me. Honestly, it was the only class I had ever taken at which I hadn't missed one day and was always prepared, having read the Scriptures and was ready with a list of questions. I do not think I can express on paper or even through words how much I enjoy learning about God! God Bless you!"
J. L. Siatkowski


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