What Other People Say About Crossways®


"People’s hearts are being opened and changed! As a pastor, the greatest amount of growth in the understanding and love for God’s Word that I’ve seen by my parishioners is what happens through our study of this course. The biblical insights and truths are amazing, and everyone is growing in their faith! Crossways®makes a huge impact on lives! " 

The Rev. Kenton Birtell

"The highest achievement of Crossways®is that it enables students to delve into the Bible itself with curiosity and delight. This course is a blessing to all adult educators in the Church who seek to empower their people for ministry in the world as servants of Christ." 

The Rev. Daniel Robayo

"Crossways®has helped me close the gap between the biblical narrative and my theological training in seminary. Nowhere was I given the opportunity to connect the whole of Scripture and understand God's story line through the Bible. The integrity of the material and the focus upon the Scriptures make this the perfect study for those wishing to grasp the complete picture of God's action throughout history. Thank you for the opportunity to be both a student and a teacher of the Crossways®course." 

The Rev. Robert Stebe

"Crossways®is a journey of faith, hope, and new life in Christ. It is an excellent study for those who want to learn the sweep of the whole biblical narrative, or refresh their faith and Bible knowledge. Crossways®is comprehensive! It draws on the culture and history of the ancient Middle East; it highlights what we need to know in each book of the Bible. Crossways®also helps people understand those OT prophets and hear their message of warning and hope for our time."  

The Rev. Christine Chiles

"Crossways®is a challenging, life-giving, and life-changing Bible study for sharing the Word with one another! It engages people in a vibrant and powerful encounter with the living Word of God."  

The Rev. John Hopper


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