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"How do I decide which Bible study to offer in my congregation? I think about: (1) What will get people into the Bible? (2) What will make people maturing disciples? (3) What will make us all better 'footwashers'? Crossways International puts joyful excitement back into Bible studies...The Bible is studied as an unfolding of God's plan for history. Above all, the central emphasis is the person of Jesus Christ! This special relationship with our Savior brings us the guidance of the Holy Spirit to show our services to others and to live the truly more abundant life."
Rev. Philip G. Houghton

“The highest achievement of Crossways is that it enables students to delve into the Bible with curiosity and delight. This course is a blessing to all adult educators in the Church who seek to empower their people for ministry in the world as servants of Christ."
The Rev. D. Robayo

"For the past several years, I have been actively seeking a course that would give an overview of the entire Bible. In our monthly newsletter, I advertised Crossways International's See Through the Scriptures® course, which would give us such a picture. Reactions were unanimously positive. The clarity, methodology, use of color graphics, and text are all superb. The tapes are masterful, containing information that's easy to comprehend. See Through the Scriptures® is a great course; it's well packaged, demanding, yet refreshing for presenting the 'big picture.' We will continue to use Crossways International's materials to enable us to be keener disciples of Jesus Christ."
The Rev. William Baumgarten

"Crossways International's Bible study materials are excellent — the best I've ever seen. The clear and forceful presentation of the biblical narrative along with the overhead transparencies are excellent resources for the decade of evangelism. The stewardship materials are also excellent resources for the local congregation."
The Rev. Tom Seitz

“The Divine Drama is a wonderful course that is always very well received by class participants and considered to be time well spent when it is taught at our church!"
Barbara Flannagan

“I have personally viewed The Bible for Busy People DVD a number of times and studied its corresponding chart. The diagrams work very well for me – a visual learner. I like the DVD’s strategy of going first from a broad biblical overview to more in-depth insights later.”
The Very Rev John G Meyers


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