What Other People Say About The Training Workshop


“I now realize the importance of teaching the Bible’s narrative story in my congregation so as to increase people’s biblical knowledge. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone!”
Rev. Paul C. Reeves

"The workshop has revolutionized [my ministry]. My understanding of the Bible's "big picture" has changed the way I see the New Testament and causes me to see new things each time I read in the Old Testament. My preaching, teaching and even my living have all been affected." 
Bishop Bill Rindy

"As the most in-depth Bible study of my life, it was 3 years of seminary in 3 days and THE BEST for help in understanding stories of the Old Testament in relation to the New." 
Rev. Willis Heckler

"The workshop and written and visual materials were excellent. The content was spiritual dynamite. It was the best continuing education course I have ever taken."
Pastor Steve Bierly

“It is a solid and valuable means of sharing God’s Word, recognizing that God’s story is the story of all humans who often fail to live as God would have us live – as servants willing to stoop down into a world in need."
Pastor Marlene Elmstrom

“I highly recommend all clergy and laity to attend and learn an excellent method of presenting the Word of God from the beginning of time to this present age. The experience strengthened my faith in God and helped me grasp a better understanding of Him working in the midst of His people.”
Rev. Richard M. Barner


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