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"The Bible's Big Story: Our Story gave the class an understanding of how the Bible fits together and provided deeper insights into God's covenants with humanity. Crossways and the other courses I have studied have given me insights into the Scriptures that I was not given in Bible college and seminary. These courses have helped with the content of my preaching and teaching."
Pastor R. Cassidy

“Visuals help kids remember! That was recently made very evident to me when, as a high school religion teacher, the students who had been in a religion class where Crossways International graphics were used had higher letter grades at report card time than students in classes where the visuals were not used."
Mr. Jim Brunner

"Of all of the Bible studies I've taught, Crossways has the greatest theological integrity of any of them. The way the biblical narrative is set up, and the use of the transparencies, which are superb, enables participants to grasp the biblical story line. That is the key that many other Bible studies miss."
The Rev. Larry Baird

"We've been really excited about Crossways International's material. It gives us a chance to look at the sweep of salvation history and puts it in the context of how God has been working throughout all of history. Crossways has helped our adults get out of the mentality that the Old Testament is full of pleasant little stories and to grapple with the real text of the Old Testament."
The Rev. Mark Parsons

"I use See Through the Scriptures with my 6th and 7th grade confirmation students. It helps give the kids a basic overview and outline of the biblical narrative."
Pastor John Scherb


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