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"It is clear to me that Crossways has some wonderful advantages over other studies I've been a part of in the past. I can't say enough good about what it is doing in my own study, understanding, and application of the Word. And the best thing for me is that people are reading every word from Scripture to prepare for and review their lessons. Adult learners come alive with new and exciting ideas...We're studying the Bible instead of just studying a book about the Bible."
Pastor M. Johnson

First Christian Church- Disciples of Christ

"Christmas: The Real Story was very effective when used during Advent. The Divine Drama® had good, long-term benefits with many of the participants. The Crossways International visuals open the Scripture to the minds and hearts of those who attend and study the material. [The CI workshop] enabled me to make sense of the Old Testament and its message and meaning by interpreting it through the ministry of Jesus."
Pastor R. Beard

The Salvation Army

"The Bible's Big Story helps to set the stage for the study of the entire Bible. See Through the Scriptures® give insight into the Scripture in a more in-depth way. Crossways International's teaching on servanthood fits right into the Salvation Army's teaching and practice... everywhere I have used their materials I get the same remarks: 'I never really understood the Scriptures before I viewed this chart or watched this video.' The idea that one big story runs through the Bible is very liberating. Once a person knows what the Big Story is, they can fit the smaller details into that Big Story."
Major John McCarty

Southwest Hispanic Ministry

"The workshop has been one of the biggest blessings for 'my' hispanic ministry. The joy is to see people get into the Word, and then to grow in their life with God, that is: as His sons and daughters."
Rev. Garry McClure

ARM Prison Outreach

"The See Through the Scriptures® visuals are perfect for teaching in the prisons because so may prisoners lack reading skills. By letting the visuals do the talking, the prisoners are better able to understand each lesson. The Crossways International workshop has enabled me to present the 'big picture' of how the various books of the Bible fit together to tell one story... something prisoners really need to grasp."
Pastor J. Garman


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