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"See Through the Scriptures was an immense success, with 70 people completing the study. People just loved coming to the class, and their appetites have been whet for the next step – the more in-depth Crossways course. Both STS and CW are excellent curricula for helping people get a comprehensive overview of the biblical narrative. I recommend these biblical resources to any church or pastor."
Rev. R. Sullivan

"Any congregation desiring to begin, maintain, or improve their biblical literacy will find Crossways International’s materials to be state-of-the-art tools for mining the riches of the Scriptures.

The CI resources have greatly helped members of our congregation fit their fragments of biblical knowledge into a more coherent whole. Several students from our Crossways class have now become excellent Bible teachers in our Christian education program. One can see and feel a new sense of vitality in the worship and life of our church."
The Rev. David Wadsworth

"It is with joy that I have observed the development of Crossways International across the last 25 years. Through the creative use of picture and diagram along with insightful commentary, they have effectively made the great Biblical drama available to all. Their growing international ministry is a tribute to the high regard with which they are held all over the world. I am happy to recommend their materials to pastors and churches everywhere who want to understand the Scriptures more clearly."
Kenneth B. Bailey, Th.D., Author/Lecturer

"Crossways has helped me close the gap between the biblical narrative and my theological training in seminary. Nowhere was I given the opportunity to connect the whole of Scripture and understand God's story line through the Bible. I have gained not just knowledge, but understanding of God's plan and the impact made upon that plan through the coming of Jesus, the Christ. Everything expressed by Harry Wendt in the pages of the manual is 'in line' with Reformed Theological Practices and is of the highest scholarship without being lost in academic language that would confuse the average student."
Rev. Robert Stebe


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