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"For the rest of my life as well as the remainder of my ministry I will be indebted to you. You have completely revolutionized my own way of thinking, studying, preparing and delivering God's Word. I now have a hunger and thirst for the Scriptures that I never had before. Thank you for bringing me a burning fire that will not be quenched."
Rev. J. Garman, The American Rehabilitation Ministries , Joplin, MO

"God has touched many lives through your Bible study course Crossways. Let me thank you for touching my life because of it. When I started the course over four years ago I didn't realize that God was preparing me to serve Him through the Good News Mission Jail and Prison Ministry. The course was such a blessing to me that I took it over and over again and brought a friend with me. She, too, has now become involved in prison ministry. Crossways has given me new insights into God's Word and confidence to share it with others."
Lola Harmon, Palatine, IL

"Thank you so much for the large laminated teaching charts. They will serve very well as I work in the small visiting room cubicles at the prison. There are great benefits in using this material. Crossways International's materials bring the Old Testament to life, not as a story, but as the presentation of God's plan which is fulfilled in the New Testament. Thank you for your continued interest in our prison ministry. May God continue to bless your efforts in bringing His message around the world in such a wonderful way."
Mrs. L. Bauer, Lincoln, NE

Each week a person studying Crossways at a nearby church takes the lesson unit and a recording of the week's study session to a prisoner who listens to it and discusses it with his visitor. This is an unedited excerpt from a letter written by one of the inmates:

"...Crossways has been the recording of my life; now being replayed to guide me into God truth and righteousness and judgement. The study of the life of the children of Israel was a picture of my life... Crossways have open my eyes showing me what I was, but most of all what God desires of me... It help me to see clearly the bars; prison bars that I was so long behind... Now being in prison for my own sinful and ignorant self. I very sorry for what I had done to get here, but I no way sorry for being caught. Had this not been I would still (maybe) but I'm all most sure I would be in the same sinful state. I could say maybe worst, but I now see that the worst sin is to reject the free gift of grace which God Himself come looking for His lost sheep; dying and resurrecting himself to give me (us) power over myself giving me power to say No or Yes whenever needed; to choose right from wrong.

"Now I can see the bars, but they mean nothing to me, because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world...I thank God daily for the new family of which He have placed in me."
A letter from a prison in a major US city


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