Reformed User Reviews


"Our congregation has used Crossways for twelve years, and each time the response has been extremely positive. The cultural insights, biblical themes, and theological emphases have contributed to an exciting learning environment that has helped to change lives."
The Rev. B. Vriesman

“An Apostles’ Creed for the New Millennium is a spiritually enriching experience. It spurs creative thought-processing and covers the basics of Christianity. Its content is easy to grasp but yet challenges people to think about God’s Word. It has also been very effective in our Inquirers Class of high school students who are preparing for church membership.”
The Rev. Dr. Hayunga

"The Training Workshop and written and visual materials were excellent. The content was spiritual dynamite. Harry Wendt's enthusiasm and deep love for the Bible and the Lord were contagious. It was the best continuing education course I have ever taken. I didn't have to wait to put into practice what I was learning, but was challenged to intentionally serve others that very evening!"
The Rev. S. Bierly

“Crossways has truly been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve never read the Bible in its entirety and Crossways has not only given me the opportunity to do so, but it has done so with enrichment that is irreplaceable.”

“To have a more thorough understanding of the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, gives me a greater appreciation for Jesus and the incredible sacrifice He made for us.”
Class participant comments, Faith Community Church, Edmonds, WA

"I am quite impressed by both Crossways and The Divine Drama®. Crossways seems to me to be especially good. The questions are challenging. They imply study of the text in depth and grappling with its meaning, together with the lessons they show how the two Testaments present one integrated witness. I should think you would find these volumes very useful in your Bible teaching."
(The Late) F.F. Bruce Professor Emeritus


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